Winter Warmer is a small intimate festival meant to help participants feel cozy in the midst of winter. It combines great music often from promising new artists in intimate settings often with  the option of sampling a taste of something warm and delicious and washing it down with a beverage or two. 

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Sunbury Shores  Friday 6:30pm

Tickets $10


Anglican Church Hall  Sat. 6:30pm

Tickets $15


Anglican Church Hall  Friday 8:00pm

Tickets $20



Songwriters Circle  Saturday 8pm

Tickets $25

Andrea Ramolo, one half of acclaimed Canadian folk-pop duo Scarlett Jane, has released two critically acclaimed albums in the last 2 years. The first, NUDA (Italian for naked) emerged out of a deep depression following a romantic breakup and a shift in her artistic path; but brought about a hugely positive metamorphosis, personally and creatively. Cool, dark, understated and melancholy, the alternative-folk album was produced by Michael Timmins — a man who knows about melancholy and understated in his own band Cowboy Junkies.


The second and most recent album “Hommage” is a tribute to Leonard Cohen and has seen Ramolo perform it across the country to great reviews.  She is here on the east coast to perform at the In Dead of Winter Festival as well as Winter Warmer.  It has been said that Cohen’s songs truly take flight when sung by others, and that argument can certainly be made with Homage. The blending of Andrea’s mesmerizing vocals within delicate musical settings creates a haunting atmosphere unique from other Cohen tributes.

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Based between Quebec and Scotland Ewan Macintyre has been described as “distinctive” (The Living Tradition), “Standout Scottish Vocalist” (Neon Filler), “Like Robert Johnson returned from the crossroads...A welcome moment in the future of traditional Scottish Music” (Mumble Music)“innovative music” (Edinburgh Guide), and “A scat pitched perfectly between James Brown and Tom Waits” (The Skinny).


Taking inspiration from two years of intensive touring, his boundary-breaking, genre-shifting new album "Road Junkie" reflects a rare ability to pen classic songs in a range of styles. The album draws influence from Ewan’s work with award-winning bluegrass band Southern Tenant Folk Union (Late Late Show, Loose Ends, Americana Artist of the Year 2011), Following on from his 2015 release ‘You Probably Look Better Naked Anyway’ (#3 Folk /Roots charts of Canada), Ewan's "Road Junkie" is an 11 track roots music monster (+3 bonus tracks) complete with dynamic string arrangements, wide, glossy guitar sounds and held together by strong lyrical content and Ewan's warm dulcet vocals. 


The Lifers, led by sisters Liv and Anita Cazzola, are an art-folk/rock collective from Guelph, Ontario. Their intertwined voices dynamically convey vulnerability and strength. Softly plucked strings, accordion swells, and lush cello and upright bass arrangements give way to rip-roaring drums, soaring melodies and overdriven frenetic strums. Their stories juxtapose tenderness and explosive energy, sometimes within a single breath. The Lifers explore notions of home, family and community, highlighting the beauty, vulnerability and power of nature, challenging both genre and audience.


With influences like Feist, Dan Mangan and The Staves, The Lifers have released LP "Honey Suite" (2018), LP "Out and In" (2016) and EP "Set the Sails" (2014). Their work on Honey Suite garnered The Lifers a nomination for Emerging Artist of the Year through the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2018.  Whether in an intimate duo arrangement or with the thunderous six-piece band, The Lifers have been an unexpected gem at festivals such as Hillside and Summerfolk (2016), on Canada's East (2015, 2017, 2018) and West (2015) Coasts, and in listening rooms and on radio waves around Southern Ontario


No stranger to St Andrews audiences Debbie Adshade is a songwriter and performer extrordinaire. She likes making up songs and stories. Her best listeners are a three-year-old savant and an ancient smelly dog. In her day, she ran with a circus crowd,  raising her voice in grand halls, dusty cafes and marble bathrooms while dancing for movie stars, lumberjacks and babies. 

One day while travelling deep into the South End,  she came upon a set of secret Hobbit stairs. Bravely, she descended and found herself in an enchanted basement. Here she spent a year with a charming wizard. She made noises like a castrated Rumpelstiltskin while the wizard/Grant Heckman wove straw into Gold. A jolly Sorcerer’s apprentice /Clinton Charlton came by to deliver cheer, bang on some drums and release chattering aliens into the room. Soon it was time for Nanadee to climb the hill to the Master’s house where Paul Milner dusted off the sounds until the tiniest tick of a tock rang like fine crystal. This new collection of songs is called Toss the Bones after an ancient game of chance. They are waiting for you to discover them! 


Songwriter's Circle  Saturday 8pm

Tickets $25


Songwriter's Circle  Saturday 8pm

Tickets $25


Songwriter's Circle  Saturday  8pm

Tickets $25


Anglican Church  Sunday  2pm

Tickets $20

Recognized by his peers as one of Canada’s best performing songwriters, Lennie Gallant has released twelve albums which have won him a host of awards and nominations from the JUNOs, Les Prix Eloizes, and The East Coast Music Awards, including 2017 ECMA Entertainer of the Year. His double CD of the 22 songs from his multimedia hit production, Searching For Abegweit, which ran for 140 shows, also won him an ECMA. He was named Canadian Folk Artist of The Year for 2016 and his song Peter’s Dream was voted one of the Top Ten East Coast Songs of All Time.


“Our northern neighbor has given us some of the best songwriters living today. You can add Lennie Gallant to the list.” Performing Songwriter, Nashville

“Lennie Gallant is one of my favorite Canadian Songwriters.” … “I have always wanted to bring his music to the forefront.” Jimmy Buffett

“When We Get There is a superior piece of work in which one good song follows another from beginning to end.” 

The Guardian


In 1974 he was a five year old boy, discovering an innate talent for playing the guitar. By the mid eighties, he was a sideman for bands and artists of many different genres all across the deep south. As he travelled and worked he added more instruments to his arsenal. He became indispensable to the bands he worked for. In the early Nineties, he became a sideman for one of Canada’s favourite sons - Stompin’ Tom Connors and also became a staple of the recordings at Studio H in Halifax. His work with the CBC there, spanned production and arranging duties. All this before he was 20.

In the mid nineties he exploded onto the trad music scene in Cape Breton as a fiddler,with a facility that stunned onlookers. Then in 1997, he released "Another Morning" a collection of songs he wrote and sang.  Some of those performances are now part of the East Coast musical vocabulary. The Album was an inspiration for the likes of Dave Gunning, Matt Andersen, David Myles, Joel Plaskett, all of whom will tell you: that record changed things.


36 years later JP continues to change things.

Smith is well known to many for her wonderful ballads. Her music is like falling in love. Emotion ebbs and flows. Blood pumps quick then slow. As she sings, her strong, melodious voice catches, snagging on a scar here and there, and inside you feel it too - forgotten memories of joy and pain shoot bravely to the surface, and your body and mind awaken.

Her 1994 album “b'tween the earth and my soul” elicited unbounded critical acclaim, enormous airplay, national television appearances and a hungry demand for live performances. In 1996, she won two East Coast Music Awards (Female Artist, Album of the Year) and two Juno nominations (for Best New Solo Artist and Best Roots and Traditional Album). 

In Laura Smith's music, real emotions ebb and flow. Smith's music is direct and honest.  As she sings, her strong, melodious voice waves and catches, snagging on a scar here and there, surfing on a wonder, staring down a riddle. Sometimes, the music gently lifts and carries her spirited vocals, while her melodies and careful poetry dig deep. 

The Saint John String Quartet is as likely to be co-starring with Canadian pop favorites like bluesman Matt Anderson and The Rankin Family or opening for international superstar Meat Loaf as it is to be performing the masterworks of Haydn or Beethoven. It’s this flexibility that makes them popular on stages in Europe, China, Hong Kong, Japan and the USA as well as home. 

Their fourth album attracted a Juno nomination in the Classical Composition of the Year category, and a Music NB award for Best Album of the Year. 

The Quartet has played for the Prime Minister of Canada, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth the Second and at prestigious festivals such as the Tochigi Music Festival in Japan, the Arcady festival in the USA and the Forbidden City Festival in Beijing, China.


Danielle Sametz, a violinist from Saskatchewan, recently joined the Quartet's three original members - David Adams (violin), Chris Buckley (viola) and Sonja Adams (cello).


Honeybeans  Friday 5pm

Suggested Festival Donation $5


Sunbury Shores  "Cosy Cafe" Saturday 4pm

Suggested Festival Donation $5


Anglican Church Hall with The LIFERS

Tickets  $20

w/The Lifers

“It's the best Canadian folk duo mix since Ian and Sylvia...”   - Bob Mersereau, CBC


Groucho Marx liked Allan Fraser's music so much he invited him for dinner at his home in the Hollywood hills. The New York Times said of Fraser's songs, "... these words may well find a place in the oral tradition of poetry..."Fraser's material has been recorded by John Oates (Hall and Oates), Tom Russell, Garrison Keillor, the Duhks, Penny Lang and Ron Hynes. NPR listed his signature song, Dance Hall Girls, as one of the 10 best songs of all time. Fraser was half of the influential duo, Fraser & DeBolt. They recorded two seminal albums on Columbia Records.


Canadian Folk Music Awards nominee, Marianne Girard has recorded three solo albums and appeared on many compilations. "This Canadian Nightingale has not left my player in weeks..."  -RTL Radio Belgium.  "a revelation... served exquisitely by a voice that's unequivocally pure and unrestrained..."  - The Toronto Star


Now in their sixth year together, these highly regarded Canadian singer-songwriters have integrated two lifetimes of music. In June 2015, they released their first album produced by Paul Mills (Stan Rogers, Sharon, Lois and Bram, Laura Smith, Chris Hadfield - yes, the astronaut) and toured in Canada and the USA. They now live in St Andrews NB working on a new album.

Abby was born and raised on the Miramichi River in Boiestown, NB. She learned how to play guitar from her uncles and cousins, and from playing along to the radio. Since leaving Boiestown at 18, she's travelled and lived across Canada and in the UK. She's been a scientist, a canoe guide, a waitress, a gardener, and headed up different non-profit organizations. She now lives in St. Stephen, NB, with her family and their ever-growing collection of animals.


Her music is simple, melodic and often tied deeply to place and emotion. Abby writes and chooses songs to perform that tell a story. I play a mix of folk, Americana, country, and rock music, usually linked by storytelling. Most recent performances: November headliner at the St. Stephen Coffee House, and at Campobello Fog Fest, as well as Paddlefest.

Originally from Kedgwick, New Brunswick, Maggie is a self-taught artist. At 10 she learned to play guitar. The music is present throughout her youth, it is while she pursues studies in classical guitar at the University of Moncton. However, after two years, she abandons studies to give way to a nomadic life. She returns after seven years to get back to the music with the formation "Bluecharms", then launches the album of her solo project, The Sage Du Bois and Heating in 2015. Inspired by musical styles passing from the old Hank Williams to the Bonobo, Maggie transports us to a musical universe all its own! Even though she is a multi-instrumentalist Maggie is above all a guitarist. The guitar is in the foreground in all the songs she composes. These are both simple and complex melodies with musical arrangements that blend a folk base with blues and jazz accents. Her voice, like her lyrics, reach as much heart as reason because of their simplicity and authenticity! Whether playing solo in a duo or as a trio her compositions bring colour and warmth to underlying folk and blues flavors. 

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